The Studio

Cristina Nogué Studio is an architecture and interior design studio that focuses on creating timeless and captivating spaces with a refined and natural aesthetic. The studio approaches each project with a marked sensitivity and personalizes each design with exclusive materials, textures and colors that give each space a unique character.

The team is multidisciplinary and is committed to a job well done and involvement in every detail. Collaboration with great artisans and industrialists allows the projecting of personalized and carefully elaborated designs.

Sensitivity is the greatest quality of Cristina Nogué Studio and allows us to collect the client’s essence and materialize it in elegant interiors full of emotion. Respect for the environment translates into a dialogue between light and materials and a constant search for innovative solutions.

Interior Design

We work giving value to the architectural space and enhancing its value, until we reach the small scale of each element that contains it.


We design custom furniture for each project. We are passionate about working with noble materials and giving them functionality and aesthetics.


We bring new points of view to the projects and we bet to give value to the emotional part that each space evokes.


We provide a comprehensive service of the projects. From the concept to the execution and construction, reaching the atrezzo.

Cristina Nogué


She has more than 14 years of experience in the development of residential and hotel projects.

She has developed her professional career in prestigious studios such as Lázaro Rosa-Violan, in Barcelona, Finchatton, in London, A-cero, together with Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares in Madrid, and Antoni de Moragas, in Barcelona.

She graduated as an architect from the Barcelona School of Architecture (UPC) and postgraduated with a master’s degree from the European University of Madrid.